The Rules We Cook By

Long ago, ambitious explorers risked life and limb to get their hands on the real jewels of India – its spices. It was believed these spices gave life and invaluable flavor to foods. At indikitch, we believe in recreating that same exhilarating experience through food you just can’t live without. For us, it all starts with the heart and soul of Indian food: our made-from-scratch sauces we carefully craft each day.

Our cherished Indian sauces embrace three essential qualities: handpicked ingredients, delicately balanced spice blends, and time-honored cooking techniques. Employing these elements, we tenderly slow-cook our sauces in kettles for hours, tempering each sauce with a special harmony of spices.

In this way, our fresh, precisely prepared foods breathe new life into old traditions. No hormones, no preservatives, no cutting-corners, no compromises. Just deliciously authentic Indian food, ignited with joy.

It’s the reason you’re not only welcomed at indikitch with a quick, authentic meal, but you’re also introduced to a taste that just has to be shared. These are the rules we cook by, and the spirit we eat with.

One of the first things you might notice at every indikitch is what we call the journey wall. We installed these larger-than-life murals as more than a cool art piece, but to serve as a backdrop for a delicious moment of celebration and introspection. You see, eating at indikitch is about more than bringing home nostalgic tastes and feeding you traditions, we think it’s about celebrating the chance to feed your mind, too.

Our Line

The indikitch line that welcomes you at our doors is more than just a design – it’s an experience. From the moment you order your food, to watching its searing preparation before your eyes to enjoying that last drop of delicious sauce, it’s our hope that, somewhere along the line, we leave you feeling more than just full.