What do you recommend for a first-time indikitch visitor?

Where can I find allergen information?

I have certain allergies not mentioned on the indikitch allergen menu. Who can I talk with about this?

How spicy are the spice levels?

What should I order if I don’t like spicy food?

When will there be an indikitch in my area?

How can I start a franchise?

I have a complaint regarding service/food quality. Who do I contact?

I want to sing praises for my recent experience. Who do I contact?

Online Orders

Where can I place an order online?

Am I able to cancel an order I placed online?

Who do I call if my delivery order is late?

Catering & Events

Do you offer catering?

What’s the minimum group size to order catering?

What if my guests have dietary restrictions?

Can I get catering delivered or do I need to pick it up?

Is setup included with delivery?

Do I need to get my own plates, cups, cutlery, napkins?

How far in advance should I place my catering order?

Do catering orders include beverages?

Can I modify my catering order once it is placed?

Who do I reach out to for questions regarding my catering order?

Can I rent out an entire indikitch restaurant for an event I am planning?


How can I apply to work at indikitch?

Does indikitch offer internship opportunities?

How can I apply to be a manager at indikitch?