Indian food is all about family and the opportunity to enjoy a shared meal. As a nod to traditional “thali” plates where multiple dishes are served on one plate, we’ve put together a Feast that will easily serve your party. From office meetings to community events to just an awesome family & friends dinner, we’ve got everything you need to create a memorable Indian food experience. Minimum group order size is 15 people.


Two Mains Two Sauces Snacks & Sides

Three Mains Three Sauces Snacks & Sides

  • Rice

    Saffron and basmati

  • Dal

    (dh·all) Classic and chickpea

  • Kachumbar

    (k·uh·choom·ber) Beet and cucumber

  • Naan

    (n·ah·n) Original and garlic

  • Samosa


  • chutney

    tamarind and coriander

  • Papad


  • Raita



  • chicken tikka

    (chicken tee·k·uh)

    Marinated in spiced yogurt then roasted to create a light, smoky taste

  • pulled pork

    Slow-cooked seasoned pork for the ultimate juicy bite

  • lamb kofta

    (lamb ko·ff·t·uh)

    Delicately spiced lamb meatballs bursting with flavor

  • grilled mushroom

    Infused with ginger and herbs, then stewed in coconut milk (V)

  • paneer


    A tasty meat substitute, paneer is India’s version of cheese (V)

  • tikka masala

    (tee·k·uh m·uh·s·ah·la)

    A rich tomato-cashew nut cream sauce filled with smoky, savory spices

  • vindaloo


    A traditionally fiery, tangy sauce made with chilies and tamarind, but we add coconut milk to add a sweeter dimension of flavor



    A beautifully light and balanced tomato-based sauce made with coconut milk, cashews, and tamarind

  • kadai


    A simple, yet bold tomato sauce made with whole ground spices and garlic

  • Saag


    A puréed mustard and spinach leaf sauce with a zing of ginger and subtle spices

Keep in mind each dish is already prepared with a base level of spice. If you don’t want additional spice, choose “as is.”

  • As Is
  • Spicy
  • Extra Spicy
  • Super Spicy